Lana LaChance

Leading You To Live Your Best

A licensed professional counselor, Lana LaChance is an intuitive energy healer and soul supporter, inviting you to live your best life

I am a licensed professional counselor, intuitive energy healer, and soul supporter, guiding you to own your self worth and discover your true purpose.

Drawing upon both psychotherapeutic training and holistic approaches, I combine traditional and alternative methods to emotional and spiritual strengthening through personal healing services, family healing services and group sessions. I will gently guide and respectfully challenge you to shine a light on your soul.


I am committed to offering emotional and spiritual support, to individuals who are open to growing and expanding, for the purpose of living their best life.


Free Guided Meditation

To live your best life, you must listen to your inner voice -- your intuition. Here’s a guided meditation to help you create space to listen, chill and evolve. Download this free, 20-minute guided meditation to connect with your bliss self and your heart’s purpose, gaining fringe benefits like relaxing, renewing, and restoring yourself.

Leading You To Live Your Best



Assessing the areas in your life that you want to improve and developing a support plan to guide your journey.


I have created signature sessions, infused with inspiration and intuition, Leading You To Live Your Best.



Receive the benefits of aromatherapy with my signature essential oil sprays.



Read what others have to say about my counseling, hypnobirthing and Intuitive Reiki support.

Lana LaChance


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InSpirit Healing Studio,
Woodbury, CT

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Soulshine Arts,
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